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Suffield Arts Council

Arts Scholarship Application

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 Suffield Arts Council

34th Annual Art Scholarship Application – 2012


The Suffield Arts Council is offering up to $3,000 to Suffield residents, age 17 and older, who wish to pursue further study in music, drama, dance, photography, visual arts or creative writing.  Award money may also be used for supplies, towards a new instrument or in other ways (excluding reimbursement) to advance the artist in his or her field. 


Applicants must present their work for the Art Category listed below (up to 10 minutes) to a panel of judges on:

     Audition Date:  Tuesday, June 26, 2012        

Place:  Suffield High School Auditorium      Time:  Assigned Times Beginning at 6:00 PM



Name:              ____________________________________________________________  Age:  ______


Telephone(s):  __________________________  Email:  _______________________________________


Address:          ________________________________________________________________________


Prop/ Equipment Requests:  __________________________________________________________________

(e.g., chair(s), table, piano, music stand, stage lighting, projection, sound, tape recorder, etc)


Audition Time Constraints:  ______________________________



Art Category to Present:                     __________________________________________


Upon Receiving Award, Identify Use:          __________________________________________


Applicant’s Signature:                        __________________________________________


Signature of Parent (if age 17):           __________________________________________


Internal Use Only

Audition Sequence:             _____

Scheduled Audition Time:   _______

Applicants must provide the following 4 documents by the deadline:

1.  Completed and signed Application Entry Form                      

2.  One Personal Essay (3-5 Paragraph) about how your art is important to you and why you’d like/need this scholarship

3.  One Letter of Recommendation from a person working in the field of the art category the applicant is applying

4.  One Personal Letter of Recommendation


(Note:  Personal essay is 40% of the scholarship award process.  Previous recommendation letters are good for 1 year.  If you wish to reuse a previously submitted letter, indicate which one you would like to reuse from your last year’s application.)

Application Deadline:  Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Email to:  Lynda Montefusco at  (Phone:  860-888-9558)


Mail to:  Suffield Arts Council, PO Box 415, Suffield, CT  06078        (Postmarked by the Deadline)


* Applicants must supply all props, unless otherwise requested within one week of the audition date.  The Arts Council will do their best to fill these requests, but cannot guarantee this.  Any technical considerations (special lighting or sound requirements or running the school electronic equipment) must be arranged by the Applicant with the High School staff. 

* If an accompanist is needed, they must be provided by the Applicant. 

* Photos will be taken the night of auditions for press release of award recipients.

* Applicants can receive these scholarships 1-3 times.

* Award monies will be made payable to a third party who will provide the service / supplies needed to further the Applicant’s artistic talents.  Award monies will not be provided for reimbursement of already purchased items/services. 

* Auditions / Presentations are closed to the public (including parents and press), but open to all Arts Council board members. 

* All Applicants will be notified by US mail within two weeks of the audition date.


Note:  “Helpful Hints” & Applications are on our website: (no www.)