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Annual Arts Scholarships

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     About the Suffield Arts Council

          Annual Scholarship


Each year, the Suffield Council for the Arts offers Art Grants to Suffield residents, age 17 and older, who

wish to pursue further study in music, drama, dance, photography, visual arts (canvas to video) or creative writing, etc. In the past number of years, the total scholarship money awarded has been $3,000 to $4,000, split among the award recipients. Applicants are eligible to be an award recipient a total of 3 times. Award monies are granted on the condition that artists use it to further their artistic craft. It may be used for supplies, towards a new instrument, education expenses, or in other ways to advance the artist in his or her field. Award monies are set up for the artist to draw upon at their college bookstore, local art supply / music store, instructor’s accounts, etc. Funds are not to be used for prior expenditures as reimbursements.


Applicants must present their work for the area of concentration listed on their application in front of a panel of judges. Presentations are to be no more than 10 minutes. Auditions / Presentations are closed to the public, but open to all Suffield Arts Council board members.


Applications can be obtained at the Kent Memorial Library, Suffield High School, and online via the Suffield Arts Council website link shown below. Applications must be received by the posted deadline on the application. Auditions / presentations are held on a weeknight in June. Applicants will be contacted with the exact date, time and location of the auditions/presentations.


The number of award recipients may vary each year depending upon the amount of money available from the council. Award monies are made available by the generous contributions of the Suffield Council for the Arts membership, through fundraising efforts by the council each year, and level of sponsorship by Suffield community businesses. Awards are granted on a combination of talent, personal essay, and presentation. All are not equally weighed. A lot depends upon the pool of applicants for that year. It varies from year to year.



• Applicants must be at least 17 years old

• Live in Suffield or West Suffield.

• Applicants must provide a presentation of their work in front of a panel of judges for up to 10


• The following documents, in order of importance, are to be provided by the application


1. Completed Grant Application

2. A 3-5 paragraph personal essay

3. A letter of recommendation from a person working in your field of interest

4. A personal letter of recommendation


Note: Applicants from prior years can re-use previously submitted recommendation letters if they are

dated less than one year prior to applying.




PO BOX 415, SUFFIELD, CT 06078


Application deadline is June 6, 2012