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Suffield Arts Council

Snow Scupture Contest Winners Announced

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2005 Contest Winners

Team Winner

Age 13-18 Winner

Age 9 - 12 Winner

Age 5 - 8 Winner



The Suffield Council for the Arts is pleased to announce the winners of their Second Annual Snow Sculpture Competition.  Although the ground was looking rather dry mid February, we lucked out this year with some good snow for the contest at the beginning and end of the month.


Being our second year of competition, participation was greatly increased this year with 21 entries over all.  There were some wonderful, creative pieces to choose from and because of this judging was rather difficult.  We hope that everyone had fun participating.   The Arts Council is planning this as an annual event and hope, weather permitting, that this will become a tradition for families to participate in for years to come. 


Each category winner will receive a Snowman Kit.  The Team Category will receive a gift certificate to Suffield Pizza.  Ages 13-17 will receive a gift certificate to Atlas Coffee House.  Ages 9-12 and 5-8 will receive age appropriate games.


We hope to have all entries on display at the library shortly.  Please be sure to stop by and see the entries.  Be sure to mark our website as one of your favorites to keep up to date with the happenings of the Arts Council and especially next year’s competition (no www.).


Team Category

Team Name                         Sculpture Name                                  Participants


TGANH                                 Soakin’ in a Winter Wonderland       C. Welker, C. Skawski, C. Wilson, R. Mazur


Honorable Mention:

Rita and Jenna                      Snowy the Cat                                      J. Wozniak, R. Young

Stephen Brothers’ Designs  Sandy the Mermaid                           B. Stephen, T. Stephen, J. Stephen


Other Participants:

Team Corallo                         Care Bear in Blue                                  J. Corallo, S. Corallo

Treibers                                 Super Bowl Game                 M. Treiber, B. Treiber

Double Trouble Brothers    Sunshine Snowman                             P. Zaffetti, P. Zaffetti

Z&M                                      Mighty “Snow” Duck                         Z. Yahne, M. Stafford, M. Yahne

Kevin & Dean                       Mugshot the T-Rex                             K. Kulas, D. Ravenola

2BD                                        Clark’s Castle                                        B. Clark, B. Clark, D. Clark

The Albert Eskimos             Fort Suffield                                          K. Albert, J. Albert


Ages 13-18 Category

Sculpture Name                                    Participants



Headless for You                                  Z. Donais



Ages 9-12 Category

Sculpture Name                                    Participants



Shorty the Snowman                             J. Zaffetti


Honorable Mention:

Snow Dragon                                       A. Demke

Ages 5-8 Category

Sculpture Name                                    Participants



Mr. Headwalker                                   J. Leahy


Honorable Mention:

Johnny Damon                          S. Pines

Snowcat in the Hat                               L. Pulcifur


Other Participants:

Bride and Groom’s Wedding                M. Guzzo

Snowy                                                  J. Wozniak

Dino-mites                                            G. Meleounis

Snow Woman                                      M. Clark

Pollyanna - Snow Lady             N. Albert



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